week 4

Week 4: eHealth today – introducing Terveyskylä

This time I’m going to introduce the web site Terveyskylä.fi.

Terveyskylä is an online site developed by health care professionals and users (patients). The aim for this site is to provide information, treatment and support for patients and their relatives as well as health care professionals. The site is good for getting information about own health status and to follow own personal health. The main purpose is not to cure people but to provide them with information needed for preventing diseases and being able to independently maintain a stable health. So far there are own web places for 13 different diseases/dysfunctions, for example asthma and rheumatism.

Terveyskylä is coordinated by HUS and the online service is a project where all the Finnish health care districts are involved. The service provides high standard information because it is developed by professionals and the information is always up to date and is based on results of academic research. Some of the pages provide only directive instructions and therefore the content in Terveyskylä can’t replace diagnosis made by a doctor or other health care professionals.

HUS patients can also register to “Omapolku” service where they can follow the progression of their treatment and get additional information on how to proceed. In Omapolku patients can also register the weekly activities prescribed by the responsible health care professional. People can sign in to Omapolku via personal online bancing account.

At first glance the site seemed very confusing with a lot of textboxes and information everywhere but I think that the idea behind Terveyskylä is good. However, there are still a lot to do in order to make the service better. In the future it will for exxample be possible to contact health care professionals online through Terveyskylä. The information available for each disease is also very concise. Yes, it is trustworthy but with a quick check I could find the same information from other reliable sources sources as well.

I like the idea that users are free to contribute to the development of Terveyskylä by sending their own ideas to the website. It gives the users a feeling of empowerment. Terveyskylä also works for equality by providing people an audiotape for all the written information.




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